Heading Towards a Global Plastic Treaty?

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Heading Towards a Global Plastic Treaty?

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Plastic consumption has increased by nearly 50% since 2010. Plastic pollution, especially in marine environments, is an environmental disaster.

Developed nations have contributed most towards the problem so far, but action is needed by both developed and developing nations to stem the flow of plastic waste. Policies that reduce plastic consumption are needed and governments must act now in order to have a meaningful impact by 2040.

A revival of calls for a global plastic treaty is encouraging. Since September 2021, according to the WWF Global Plastic Navigator, 154 countries have expressed an interest in negotiating a new global agreement on marine plastic pollution.

The assumed policy-induced plastic consumption reductions which make up the business as usual scenarios are highly susceptible to change and/or revision, depending on each country’s political condition. The dashboard allows readers to input their own assumptions to view different outcomes.