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Planet Tracker reveals how current EPA rules allow petrochemical companies to continue polluting local environments and communities with their toxic waste

Ten major failings regarding toxic emissions create an operating environment that allows businesses in the USA to avoid scrutiny of their chemical releases. If investors fully understand the toxic footprint of their investments and their effect on both the environment and human health, they can undertake an informed and accurate risk/reward assessment for themselves and for their clients.

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Planet Tracker questions credibility of Alliance to End Plastic Waste

In the first three years of its five-year target, the AEPW achieved only 0.04% of its own goal to divert and recycle 9 million tonnes of plastic, but with 40% spend against budget. This report provides data-backed evidence of the different ways the Alliance has undermined its own objectives to ‘end plastic waste in the environment and protect the planet’.

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Investors’ toxic footprints revealed

Everyday products – from plastics and synthetic rubber to detergents and dyes – hide a dangerous secret: their production results in the release of pollutants that are highly toxic and impact on human health, including arsenic and asbestos. This is a reality often overlooked by investors as Planet Tracker’s latest report, Toxic Footprints, reveals.

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  • SDG funding, toxic waste and SMEs: Key research findings from Climate Week NYC

    A round-up of the research and new initiatives announced at Climate Week ...... allows businesses to avoid scrutiny of their chemical releases,” Planet Tracker Director of Research John Willis said in an announcement. “ ...

  • Forward-looking Metrics Needed to Minimise Plastics Risks

    CDP disclosure expansion aims to provide more visibility on plastics for investors.... by policymakers and consumers. A report published by think tank Planet Tracker noted that €678 billion of investor capital is at risk ...

  • Die Frage nach der Glaubwürdigkeit

    Das Ziel, das Aufkommen von Kunststoffabfällen zu beenden, ist ein hehres – und wird auch von Planet Tracker nicht in Abrede gestellt.... oder Reinigungsaktionen. Planet Tracker kritisiert aber, dass die Fortschrittsberichte der Allianz nicht geprüft würden. Planet Tracker ...

  • 18 insurers sign pledge to use new IUU-tracking tool

    Eighteen insurers have pledge to use a new tool capable of tracking vessels involved in illegal fishing.... is very challenging, of course.” Planet Tracker has already launched its own tool, the Planet Tracker IUU Fishing Detection Tookit , to ...

  • Wrestling with the externalities of the plastics supply chain

    As the first meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiation Committee of the UN Global Treaty to End Plastic Pollution approaches, ...... reduce virgin plastic production and use,” an industry first. Yet, Planet Tracker found that 60 out of the 65 members of the Alliance to ...

  • Tools and solutions that stand out from Climate Week

    Is this déjà vu? "Getting it done" was the tagline for Climate Week 2022, just like last year. That's appropriate — although I'd prefer " ...... , among other shady tricks and regulatory gaps, according to the nonprofit Planet Tracker's Toxic Fog report , which calls "for financial ...

  • Singapore: Shrimp farming is coming to a city near you

    By Aaron ClarkBloombergSep 18, 2022 ...... have been attributed to shrimp farming, according to nonprofit think tank Planet Tracker. Trawling for wild shrimp, meanwhile, can impact ...

  • Planet Tracker: Investors Should Demand Toxic Emissions Transparency

    Financial institutions should demand transparency on toxic emissions so that they can thoroughly assess the risks of their investments, ...Texas, which Planet Tracker says account for a quarter of the petrochemical facilities in the United States. Planet Tracker identified 7,400 ...

  • Clarity for investors and seafood vendors about sustainability and profitability

    ... Investors assessing risk for seafood vendors loss of marine biodiversity – a major threat – reliable, transparent and traceable data is ...... the bottom line To address this data gap, BNPP AM teamed up with Planet Tracker, a non-profit financial think tank that seeks to better ...

  • Why we’re in a critical period in the development of regenerative agriculture

    Is regenerative agriculture a trend some are jumping on, or an honest attempt to overhaul a broken system?... is being hotly debated. Peter Elwin, head of food and use at Planet Tracker, an NGO, sees considerable benefits in shifting from the current ...