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No Rain on the Plain

Deforestation-driven climate change threatens Brazil’s position as leading agricultural producer – exposed to environmental-related financial risk, Brazil’s sovereign bond, equity and debt investors must put pressure on Brazil’s government and agribusiness sector to stop deforestation and protect their returns.

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Why financial markets should care about Biodiversity COP15

With the financial markets focused on the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, it was easy to miss the biodiversity agenda. We believe there are three main takeaways that financial players should take on board:

1. Five governmental commitments;
2. Supportive announcements from corporates;
3. The scheduled follow-ups in the coming months

John Willis, Planet Tracker’s Head of Research, talks to BBC World News about the findings of the Minderoo Foundation report ‘The Plastic Waste Makers Index’
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Single-use plastics – the cheap plastic goods we use once and then throw away – epitomise the plastics crisis. Today, single-use plastics account for over a third of plastics produced every year, with 98 per cent manufactured from fossil fuels.

Click here for the Plastic Waste Makers Index, published by Minderoo Foundation

Planet Tracker named Non-Profit of the Year in the Environmental Finance Impact Awards 2021



Planet Tracker is honoured to have been named Non-Profit of the Year in the Environmental Finance Impact Awards 2021 by a global panel of impact investors. This Award is a tribute to the dedication and commitment of the Planet Tracker team.

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Planet Tracker has been named as one of only four ‘Key Players to Watch’ in the category: ‘Nature Takes Root on the Balance Sheet’ in the latest GreenBiz State of Green Business 2021.

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ESG and the Global Plastics Supply Chain:Uncovering material risks & opportunities in a changing world

This webinar brings together capital markets executives, industry leaders and civil society trailblazers on a journey from hydrocarbons to consumers goods packaging to waste to the future outlook for the sector as forces push the sector towards sustainability with over 16 speakers / panellists from around the globe.

Brazil: roadmap to sustainable sovereign bonds

This webinar examines the priority actions investors can take to promote Brazil’s sovereign health including an innovative deforestation-linked sovereign bond.


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Join Planet Tracker and a panel of experts to discuss how the financial markets can help break the deforestation-climate change feedback loop, and fund the sustainable production of food, including by creating financial instruments to incentivise producer countries to stop deforestation, while providing the funds to support the development of resilient and sustainable agribusiness systems.



When a municipality issues a bond that supports petrochemical and plastics infrastructure this takes funding away from other needs, like schools and hospitals. Join Planet Tracker and a panel of experts to discuss approaches for portfolio managers to manage this hidden risk.

Planet Tracker is a non-profit financial think tank. It was launched in 2018 by the Investor Watch Group whose founders, Mark Campanale and Nick Robins, created the Carbon Tracker Initiative.

The Need for Change


Critical ecosystems

are dangerously close to collapse

Financial markets

are failing to translate the true value of nature into valuation models

Urgent need

for rapid integration of natural capital valuations into financial risk management in capital markets
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Planet Tracker aims to unlock, mobilize and redirect the transformative power of capital markets to deliver on sustainable development objectives.
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Planet Tracker’s research focuses on how changes in ecosystem values impact real versus projected returns on equity and sovereign investments.
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Planet Tracker creates reports and analyses to raise awareness of ‘values-at-risk’ to the financial community.