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Stormy Outlook

Overcapacity and climate risk are increasing stranded asset risk in the U.S. Plastics Production Corridor, an area which runs along the U.S. Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana, where 34 plastics production facilities are below, at, or slightly over 30 feet (9 metres) above sea level. Has the time come for investors and financiers to encourage plastic producers to cancel expansion plans and adapt a recycling focus instead?


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U.S. Plastics Industry faces USD 56 billion stranded asset risk by 2025, says Planet Tracker

Financial think tank reveals 89% of the country’s plastics production is increasingly threatened by storms, sea-level rise and storm surges.

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Stormy Outlook for US Plastics Refiners
Has the time come for investors and financiers to encourage plastic producers to cancel expansion plans and adopt a recycling focus instead?
Join Gabriel Thoumi, Head of Plastics Programme, Planet Tracker and a panel of experts to discuss the outlook for the US Plastics Refining sector.

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Bonds for Ponds

Aquafeed constitutes the aquaculture industry’s largest operating cost & largest source of environmental impacts.’Bonds for Ponds’ presents a case for financing an industry transition, using green bonds to scale innovative feeds.

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Traceable Returns

This webinar presents our latest report, showing how traceability could double the EBIT margin of seafood processors while reducing investor risk.

EU Investor Exposure to Plastics Policies: Resins, Risks and Pollution

Looking to understand the connection between biodiversity collapse, plastics pollution and new technology opportunities? Watch our webinar to hear a panel of experts discuss current research into EU resins, plastics packaging and the investors financing the industry.

Planet Tracker is a non-profit financial think tank. It was launched in 2018 by the Investor Watch Group whose founders, Mark Campanale and Nick Robins, created the Carbon Tracker Initiative.

The Need for Change


Critical ecosystems

are dangerously close to collapse

Financial markets

are failing to translate the true value of nature into valuation models

Urgent need

for rapid integration of natural capital valuations into financial risk management in capital markets
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Planet Tracker aims to unlock, mobilize and redirect the transformative power of capital markets to deliver on sustainable development objectives.
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Planet Tracker’s research focuses on how changes in ecosystem values impact real versus projected returns on equity and sovereign investments.
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