Aligning financial markets with a sustainable future

Planet Tracker is an award-winning non-profit financial think tank aligning capital markets with planetary boundaries.

Planet Tracker provides insightful, applicable information to financial professionals to assist investment decision-making through data-driven and financially- grounded research which assesses transition pathways for global industry sectors and the implications for individual companies within specific sectors

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Our Recent Reports

Breaking the Mould

The EU plastic industry plays an important role in determining the fate of our climate, health and economy. According to Planet Tracker’s latest report, Breaking the Mould, investors, regulators and politicians must ask themselves a crucial question: has the plastic industry’s business-as-usual model become more risky than embarking on a transition towards a sustainability-driven strategy?

Lifting the Rug

Traceability must be a “non-negotiable” for the fashion industry’s investors and can bring huge benefits to both as the push towards better traceability is a trend that will continue despite reluctance from suppliers and retailers. Those left exposed to companies without robust traceability systems will ultimately suffer.


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What we do
Planet Tracker


Through its breakthrough analytics and reports.


By creating toolkits and methodologies demonstrated via real world case studies.


Through an intensive engagement programme targeted at key financial decision makers and influencers.

Redefining how financial and environmental data interact

Planet Tracker combines financial, environmental, scientific and data analysis expertise to speak about ecological limits in a language familiar to the financial community.

The Need for Change

We have a 'duty of care' to address potential ecological resource fault lines


International recognition for our work

"Our ground-breaking report, The Sovereign Transition to Sustainability: Understanding the Dependence of Sovereign Debt on Nature, won the “ESG Innovation of the Year (Research)” category in the Environmental Finance 2020 Sustainable Investment Awards."
"Our thought leadership paper on sustainable investing: Investors can scale sustainable aquaculture and reduce overfishing through green and blue bonds, was named a winner of the Environmental Finance Sustainable Investment Awards 2021."
Planet Tracker is honoured to have been named Non-Profit of the Year in the Environmental Finance Impact Awards 2021 by a global panel of impact investors. This Award is a tribute to the dedication and commitment of the Planet Tracker team.
Planet Tracker was awarded Gold in the Sustainable Business category at the Business Challenge Awards 2022 for our ground breaking work on Traceability & Transparency in global supply chains.
Our Mission

We work to embed the true value of nature into global capital flows

Our initial focus is on global industry sectors defined by significant investment flows in the context of the planetary boundaries that are most threatened. We aim to unlock, mobilize and redirect the power of capital markets to deliver on sustainable development objectives.

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