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Indexing: Prepare for Sustainability-Driven Disruption

The index production landscape is now facing disruption from having to evolve rapidly to meet the demands of sustainability-based investment products – an upswing which is happening at the same time as declining fund fees, rising competition in index production and demand for greater consumer choice.

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Time to Move Beyond ‘Climate Lensing’ – addressing climate and nature as an integrated whole

A first of its kind collaboration between IPBES and IPCC, the two intergovernmental organizations addressing biodiversity loss and climate change, means they are using their respective science-policy platforms to align these two important efforts more closely.

John Willis, Planet Tracker’s Head of Research, talks to BBC World News about the findings of the Minderoo Foundation report ‘The Plastic Waste Makers Index’
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Single-use plastics – the cheap plastic goods we use once and then throw away – epitomise the plastics crisis. Today, single-use plastics account for over a third of plastics produced every year, with 98 per cent manufactured from fossil fuels.

Click here for the Plastic Waste Makers Index, published by Minderoo Foundation

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Planet Tracker has been named as one of only four ‘Key Players to Watch’ in the category: ‘Nature Takes Root on the Balance Sheet’ in the latest GreenBiz State of Green Business 2021.

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EU Plastics and Chemicals Industries In Need of A Zero-Waste Transition

In this webinar Planet Tracker reviews the current state of the EU27 plastics industry and discusses with an panel of experts how the economic and environmental challenges it faces can be addressed.

Unwrapping Investor Risk

We hosted a discussion with a distinguished panel of experts on the challenges facing the Plastic Containers & Packaging sector and the possible approaches to achieve a transition to a more sustainable future.

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Against the Tide

In this webinar, Planet Tracker debunks the myth that the Japanese seafood industry is thriving, revealing that the apparent financial health of the sector is largely the result of short-term measures to bypass natural constraints.

Will Fashion Dye Another Day?

We held a fascinating webinar discussion with three experts in the industry, who each gave a short overview about how they see water risk in the wet processing industry.
CLICK HERE to view the webinar and further information. 

Planet Tracker is a non-profit financial think tank. It was launched in 2018 by the Investor Watch Group whose founders, Mark Campanale and Nick Robins, created the Carbon Tracker Initiative.

The Need for Change


Critical ecosystems

are dangerously close to collapse

Financial markets

are failing to translate the true value of nature into valuation models

Urgent need

for rapid integration of natural capital valuations into financial risk management in capital markets
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Planet Tracker aims to unlock, mobilize and redirect the transformative power of capital markets to deliver on sustainable development objectives.
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Planet Tracker’s research focuses on how changes in ecosystem values impact real versus projected returns on equity and sovereign investments.
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Planet Tracker creates reports and analyses to raise awareness of ‘values-at-risk’ to the financial community.