Can Blue Bonds Finance a fish stock recovery?

Seafood, Financial Risk & Reward, Policy, Fixed Income

It is clear that ocean fishing is on an unsustainable course of rising demand and falling supply but could recover if the reset button is pushed. Restrictions on catch, along with a proper debt financing vehicle, would assist in creating a financially viable transition scenario to sustainable oceans. A blue bond provides a more profitable route than the business-as-usual scenario, over the long-term. However, such a financing mechanism requires transparency, traceability and co-ordination. If the will is there, the prize is the ability to feed the world a healthy diet and prevent the deterioration of ocean ecosystems.

Blue Recovery Bond Dashboard

To help investors see in practice how a blue bond could help trigger a recovery in fish stocks and generate higher returns for fishing companies, Planet Tracker has created a simple interactive dashboard where users can change the key modelling assumptions.

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