Unilever’s Revised Sustainability Targets (April 2024)

Biodiversity, Emissions, Food Systems, Shareholder Engagement, Equity

In late April 2024, Unilever (ULVR) adjusted its corporate sustainability goals. This change generated significant interest and commentary. The Planet Tracker dashboard analyses the changes announced by the management team in detail. It breaks down the original 27 corporate goals into different categories. For example, it reveals whether a target was dropped or reduced in scope, or whether it was improved or became a new objective. In some instances, the corporate goal became an internal divisional one, while some remain unchanged. Click on the section of the treemap to focus on a particular target category.

This data can also be examined by category – e.g. environmental or social – and by area of activity – e.g. climate, livelihoods, nature, plastics, and other non-financials. A range of sub-categories is also available including GHGs, land use, livelihoods, nutrition etc. (Click on the drop down menu under sub-category.) The likelihood of achieving the sustainability target is also revealed, based on progress to date. By clicking on or hovering over the progress bar, the details of each goal may be viewed.

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