Robin Millington named Global Sustainable Business Leader of the Year

We are so proud that Planet Tracker’s CEO, Robin Millington, has been awarded Sustainable Business Leader of the Year, Global, by the Environmental Finance Sustainable Company Awards judges. This is the latest in a string of awards for the financial think tank, which also won two awards at Environmental Finance’s Sustainable Investment Awards earlier this year.

Robin co-founded Planet Tracker in 2018, with the aim of embedding the true value of nature into global financial flows to ensure sustainability of the environment and of the businesses and products dependent upon natural capital.

She leads a growing team of specialists with expertise in financial analysis, and environmental data to produce reports which target environmentally unsustainable industrial practices, identify the companies causing the damage and the investors who are enabling these practices to continue unchallenged, call out greenwashing and provide investors with practical tools such as interactive databases and shareholder questionnaires to help them put pressure on corporate management. 

Over the past 12 months, Planet Tracker has published over 20 reports, including the  Financial Markets Roadmap for Transforming the Global Food System which analysed over 400,000 companies across the food supply chain and sets out practical steps that investors can take to help achieve a net zero food system by 2050.

The growing impact of Planet Tracker’s reports includes Uruguay’s recent announcement that it has successfully issued a Deforestation-Linked Sovereign Bond (DLSB) which closely matches the structure Planet Tracker proposed in its July 2021 report and specifically references Planet Tracker’s  recommendations in its published sustainability-linked bond framework. 

Robin commented: “Planet Tracker’s mission is to create significant and irreversible transformation of global financial activities by 2030 towards a financial system that is fully aligned with a resilient, just, nature-positive economy and supports sustainable and just business practices.

“At the heart of our thinking is the belief that a holistic approach to the planet’s problems is now essential. Climate and Nature can no longer be considered separately. Nature loss, despite the widespread acceptance of its severity, has remained in the shadow of the Climate Change movement as a subject of political and financial concern until more recently – notably the adoption of the Global Biodiversity Framework in December 2022.

“To win an award for leadership in the sustainability space is a rare honour. This is a recognition of Planet Tracker’s contributions which would not have happened without the hard work and dedication of this amazing team and the fact that we all share a common vision: where the future of the planet is concerned, accepting the status quo is not an option”.                   @planet_tracker

For further information please contact: Nicole Kozlowski, Head of Engagement, Planet Tracker.

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