Apparel Facilities and Water Exposure

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Planet Tracker’s interactive dashboard allows the user to evaluate the level of water stress a brand’s apparel suppliers face. This is possible based on present data and a forecast for 2050.

Planet Tracker used two open-access sources:

  • WRI Aqueduct 4.0 – Maintained by the World Resources Institute, Aqueduct provides a host of water-related indicators, by basin across the world. Aqueduct’s Water Risk Atlas covers baseline, current figures as well as future projections to 2080. Data is accessible via the following link.
  • Open Supply Hub – formerly known as the Open Apparel Registry, Open Supply Hub is an initiative born in 2019 to bring transparency to global supply chains, particularly focused on the textiles value chain. Open Supply Hub has over 100,000 apparel facilities on their database available via the following link.

The dashboard provides a geospatial snapshot of nearly 800 brands. Users can vary the selection criteria on the following basis:

  1. A specific Brand
  2. A group of Brands which has headquarters in a particular region (e.g. North American vs. European Brands)
  3. A group of Brands by their 2022 revenue

 Based on the selection made, users will be able to:

  1. Identify the location of the apparel facilities – the geographical scale can be adjusted
  2. Determine the intensity of current and forecasted water stress
  3. The aggregated water stress and projected increase faced at selection level (e.g. the projected % increase in water stress of a brand’s supplier footprint)

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