Plastic Risk Dashboard

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Planet Tracker has measured the risk as perceived by corporate management by scrutinising management filings and statements. We analysed 8,245 reports and transcripts of 59 corporates across the plastic value chain by using a natural language processing (NLP) algorithm. The plastics universe spans three main segments of the plastics value chain: the upstream resin producers (producers), the midstream containers and packaging converters (PC&P), and the downstream fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies. To help readers examine the measured risk as perceived by corporates, we developed a dashboard which allows users to filter by the segment or theme of disclosure.

How to use the Plastic Risk dashboard 

  • The tree map shows the plastic risk disclosure by general theme and by segment. Click on the theme to update the line and bar charts.
  • The line chart shows the quality of the plastic risk disclosures for the last 5 years for reports and transcripts. The plastic risk disclosures were classified into three categories which relate to the quality of context words found within each extract.
  • The bar chart shows the amount of the plastic risk disclosures in reports and transcripts per document type over the last five years.

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