Planet Tracker’s watchdog role is driving change in FMCG companies

As part of its Food and Land Use programme, Planet Tracker is examining the transition plans of the food system (Consumer Goods) companies covered by the Climate Action 100+ list ( Our goal is to provide investors with the key information and analysis they need to be able to hold food system companies to account for the quality of their climate transition plans and their execution against those plans. Furthermore, we aim to encourage them to use this information to engage effectively with these companies with the ultimate aim of driving the sustainable transformation of the global food system. Following Planet Tracker’s analyses:

  • Nestlé opted to prioritise Net-Zero ambitions over ‘carbon neutral’ targets, redirecting their investment towards cutting GHG emissions in their operations and supply chain. This aligns with PT’s climate transition recommendations for Nestlé.
  • PepsiCo provided further disclosure on GHG emissions reductions and removals by 2030.
  • Many of our Climate Transition Analysis asks have been picked up by others and for example were quoted by some shareholders at P&G’s annual ESG conference followed by additional enquiries at P&G’s annual shareholder meeting.

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