Planet Tracker wins Environmental Finance Award 2021


We are delighted to announce that, for the second year in a row, Planet Tracker has been named a winner of the Environmental Finance Sustainable Investment Awards 2021.

The award honours our thought leadership paper on sustainable investing, titled: Investors can scale sustainable aquaculture and reduce overfishing through green and blue bonds which is based on two of our innovative papers, Can blue bonds finance a fish stock recovery? and Bonds for Ponds: green bonds can assist aquafeeds transition.

In 2020, The Sovereign Transition to Sustainability, our ground-breaking report presenting a new research framework to enable market participants to integrate the value of natural capital into the issuance, analysis and stewardship of sovereign bonds, co-authored with the London School of Economics Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, was honoured in the Research Innovation category.

This year’s award showcases the insightful research currently being undertaken by Planet Tracker within the scope of its Seafood Programme. One report proposes a new financing structure for wild-catch fisheries intended to reward fishers for allowing fish stocks to recover; the second uses an existing financial instrument to allow aquaculture fisheries to become more sustainable and be rewarded with a lower cost of capital.

Planet Tracker’s investigation of the impact that financial institutions can have on sustainable corporate practices through funding of publicly listed wild-catch and aquaculture companies proposes innovative financial products to mitigate the risks posed by overfishing.

Our reports have attracted significant media attention from the environmental and financial media – such as Environmental Finance, International Financing Review and The Economist and Can blue bonds finance a fish stock recovery? has been included in a resources list produced by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative.

The nature and finance space has suddenly blossomed with activity. Planet Tracker is proud to be a thought leader and looks forward to sharing our cutting edge research with you in the coming months.

Robin Millington, Planet Tracker CEO

See the article, here: Environmental Finance Award 2021.


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