Planet Tracker provides 600 billion reasons to support seafood traceability

An in-depth analysis of the benefits of seafood traceability, ‘How to Trace $600 billion’, was leveraged to strengthen a call to action among retailers, wholesalers and policymakers for improved at-sea controls and a more robust traceability system covering all seafood products. The research was also recognised and praised by EU legislators working to improve the overall sustainability of the industry.

In October 2023, in partnership with UNEP FI, WWF, WBA and Planet Tracker, FAIRR launched a new investor engagement initiative on seafood traceability that re-uses content from ‘How to Trace $600 billion’ to ask corporates to invest in seafood traceability.

In March 2023, Rockefeller AM released a brief to its clients titled ‘Crucial Considerations when Engaging Corporates on Seafood Traceability’ that re-uses content from ‘How to Trace $600 billion’ and also references the Planet Tracker Seafood Database.

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