No More Sailing in the Dark

Seafood, Financial Risk & Reward, Shareholder Engagement, Transparency & Traceability, Multi-Asset

Only 8% of the hundred largest seafood companies – both listed and private – disclose the exact seafood species they are invested in for their entire portfolio. This lack of transparency presents a major risk for investors and lenders, preventing an accurate assessment of risk and opportunity.

To promote greater transparency across the USD 1.8 trillion seafood supply chain – and to consolidate different data sources into one place where they can be examined in context – Planet Tracker has created an interactive Seafood Database, which enables users to filter through companies and compare their exposure to overfishing, illegal fishing and blue sustainability risks.

Seafood Database

Using Planet Tracker’s Seafood Database, you can identify to what extent companies are exposed to overfishing, illegal fishing, and many other ocean sustainability risks, and compare their environmental health with their financial health.

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