Global Textiles Value Chain Dashboard

Textiles, Financial Risk & Reward, Shareholder Engagement, Equity

Planet Tracker has developed an interactive dashboard mapping the Global Value Chain for Textiles into six nodes, identifying nearly 4000 companies that cover the whole garment lifecycle, from upstream activities, such as Raw Material Manufacturing and Fibres Production, to downstream stages such as Retail and Post-Sale activities.

By providing a series of key financial metrics and ratios, the first two sections of the dashboard allow for an in-depth comparison of the nodes that make up the Textiles Value Chain. By clicking on any section of one chart, the user will be able to see updated results on all other charts.

Furthermore, the user may wonder what the average firm looks like in any of these nodes. The third view of the dashboard answers that by providing the opportunity to dive deeply into any of the nodes of interest. Together with financial metrics and ratios for the median firm, this view provides information on where the major node players are headquartered, along with the distribution of values for a chosen financial metric within the desired node.

Moving from companies’ financials to their funders of capital, across debt and equity, the dashboard provides two additional sections for the user to dig into. If interested in looking at a specific investor’s exposure across the Textiles Value Chain, by type of funding provided, the fourth view of the dashboard provides that answer. If instead wondering who the main funders of a specific value chain node are, the final view of the dashboard represents the go-to section.

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