Double win for Planet Tracker at Finance for the Future Awards

Planet Tracker was voted winner of the Driving Change in the Finance Community and the Nature and Biodiversity Leadership categories at the Finance for the Future Awards, organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants England & Wales, Deloitte and A4S (Accounting for Sustainability).

Other finalists in the category were Accountability in a Sustainable World Quarterly, Centre for Research and Education, University of Notre Dame; Queen Mary University of London; UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) Initiative and the Value Balancing Alliance.

The Driving Change in the Finance Community award was given for Planet Tracker’s Financial Markets Roadmap for Transforming the Global Food System, a ground-breaking report which identifies the major systemic issues and risks within the food system and presents a clear and applicable strategic framework of four transformation themes supported by six priority actions for investors to meaningfully tackle them.

The award for Nature and Biodiversity Leadership is an additional recognition of Planet Tracker’s comprehensive work on nature and biodiversity, both through our food sector reports and through our wider work, such as on plastics pollution, deforestation or oceans and most importantly, how we engage closely with stakeholders to encourage real change.

The Finance for the Future awards celebrate organisations and individuals who are supporting the integration of sustainability into financial decision-making, thanks to a rigorous assessment and judging process. They also highlight the role the finance function plays in innovation and integrated thinking.

The jury of accounting and investment experts praised Planet Tracker for “connecting high quality, in-depth academic research with decision makers, and presenting this research in ways that are meaningful to market participants, allowing for the leveraging of financial markets – using investors as a catalyst for change”.

Robin Millington, CEO, Planet Tracker, commented: “As a non-profit think tank engaging financial institutions to incorporate nature into their investment and lending decisions, we are delighted that our work is recognised and rewarded by the financial community. Investors have a major role to play in transforming the global food system, which generates nearly 20% of the world’s GDP, but is inherently fragile and no longer fit for purpose.

“It is also encouraging to be recognised for the wide scope of our work beyond Food and Land Use, across Oceans & Seafood, Plastic & Petrochemicals and Textiles”. @planet_tracker

For further information please contact: Nicole Kozlowski, Head of Engagement, Planet Tracker.