Avoiding Aquafailure

Seafood, Financial Risk & Reward, Shareholder Engagement, Multi-Asset

The farmed seafood industry will miss consumer demand by around a fifth by 2050 and drive further biodiversity loss – unless it changes. Diversifying farmed seafood production towards regenerative aquaculture can close a predicted 50 million tonnes supply gap while tackling biodiversity risks. Investors and lenders need to consider the material risks of the status quo and provide finance to help transition companies as high concentration leaves the industry vulnerable to biodiversity risks, leading to higher costs, more regulation and capped production.

Aquafailure Dashboard

Planet Tracker’s interactive dashboard allows you to discover how concentrated seafood production is within a country, and how concentrated seafood production is by species, covering more than 200 countries and more than 600 species from 1950 to 2020. The dashboard also allows a comparison between aquaculture production and wild-catch fishing.

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