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Planet Tracker is an Initiative of the Investor Watch Group.
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Investor Watch was founded by Mark Campanale and Nick Robins in 2009. Its first project was the Carbon Tracker Initiative, which led to the release of the landmark Unburnable Carbon report in July 2011, followed by the Wasted Capital and Stranded Assets report in April 2013. In February 2014, the Carbon Tracker Initiative Limited was incorporated as a not-for-profit subsidiary to help formalise Carbon Tracker’s research programme and allow Investor Watch to focus on a number of other projects to track natural capital.

Investor Watch then launched the Fish Tracker Initiative, which, in late 2017, produced the Empty Nets report. It details how poor disclosure and inadequate sustainability management across publicly listed companies with revenues from seafood are placing investors at risk.

Planet Tracker, launched in May 2018, is now seeking to build upon the growing recognition by many in the finance community that they do not have the information necessary to assess ecological or social risk within investment portfolios, including planetary degradation and the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Carbon Tracker revealed that the investor community did not adequately understand the risks of unburnable carbon or that a ‘carbon bubble’ is growing within the fossil fuel industry. Planet Tracker is positioning to expand this narrative into other sectors, to serve an analyst and investor community in need of more information to help in their investment decisions.

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