The Fish Tracker Initiative investigates the impact that financial institutions have in financing global wild-catch fisheries and seafood trade. Our aim is to align capital markets with sustainable fisheries management.
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Perfect Storm - Profits at Risk in the Japanese Seafood Industry

Rebuilding sustainable stocks of wild-catch fish could transform Japan’s seafood industry, increase profits, preserve its reputation and reduce financial risk to investors, according to a report published by Planet Tracker.
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BBC World News

Mark Campanale, Planet Tracker’s Founder, explains why Fish Tracker targeted investors in seafood businesses and not the companies directly responsible for overfishing on BBC World’s Asia Business Report.


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Category Soft Commodities

Soft Commodities

Planet Tracker’s soft commodities programme of research focuses on how changes in environmental health, such as soil degradation, deforestation and variability in extreme weather impact soft commodity production. As a result, both companies and countries are affected.
Category Materials Production

Materials Production

Planet Tracker is launching a new programme of research which focuses on how capital markets are failing to price longer term environmental issues related to plastic packaging supply chains & fast-fashion textiles.
Category Water Systems V2

Water Systems

Water is an essential environmental service, but the cost and availability of water are not adequately priced into most water intensive industries. This failure stems from a reluctance to price water resources that reflects the value it provides, a poor appreciation of the politics and practicalities of water provision, and/or analysis based on outdated, inappropriate or inaccurate data.