Fast Fashion has created cheap and abundant clothing globally, but the natural capital cost has been high, with toxic production practices, degradation of natural resources, massive and growing waste as well as labour injustice. By providing information and analysis on these problems, placing a value on them and quantifying the negative impact on profits and investor returns, Textiles Tracker will support and stimulate a transition to greater sustainability in the industry.

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Wet processing textile companies are intensely reliant on water, chemicals and heat to treat and dye fabrics, yet are failing to report on how they are managing their significant environmental footprint to the detriment of their investors, business models and compliance with increasing government-led regulations.

To listen to lead author Catherine Tubb explaining the purpose and findings of the report, please view the video below.


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Will Fashion Dye Another Day?

This report focuses on the financial risks arising from the extensive use and misuse of water in the wet processing stage of clothing production, with much of the global production effort situated in areas where water stress and the associated risk is already high.

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