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Planet Tracker is launching a new programme of research which focuses on how capital markets are failing to price longer term environmental issues related to plastic packaging supply chains & fast-fashion textiles.

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While ‘fast fashion’ has created cheap and abundant availability of clothing globally, it has also created intolerably high and unsustainable problems, with toxic production practices, degradation of natural resources, massive and growing waste and labour injustice. By providing information and analysis on these problems, placing a value on them and quantifying the negative impact on profits and investor returns, Textile Tracker will support and stimulate a transition to greater industry sustainability. Textile Tracker will find points in the textiles supply chain that are creating the greatest damage, analyse their financial value, provide transparency of ownership and, through owners and investors, seek pressure for change in industry practices.


The plastic industry must transition to sustainability. By developing transparent financial modelling and forecasting tools, promoting circular economy principles and end of life solutions and identifying financial and profitability risks of continuing business as usual practices in the midstream and upstream of the supply chain, Plastics Tracker seeks to constrain production of environmentally damaging plastics which are feeding the plastics waste problem while supporting development of sustainable solutions. By producing deeply analytical reports for the financial community and translating these into narratives that are understandable, relevant and compelling, Plastics Tracker supports positive corporate behaviour, sustainable investor conduct, policy implementation and shifts in consumer demand.
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