Food & Agriculture

Food & Agriculture Tracker examines the exposure of funds to sustainability shocks, notably through the transition to sustainable production, regional agricultural declines, or novel global policy affecting the trade of nature-dependant goods.
Food & Agriculture Tracker is a part of the wider Planet Tracker group of Initiatives.
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Scope For Improvement 1

Scope for Improvement: Accounting for food loss and waste in Scope 3 reporting

Reported Scope 3 emissions by 12 publicly listed European food retailers account for 44% of total emissions in the European food retail sector in 2018.


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Financial Accounting In The Agriculture Sector 1

Financial Accounting in the Agriculture Sector

From Natural Capital to Accounting to Valuation – Commentary on IAS 41: Agriculture.


Water Systems
From Drought To Fires 1

From Drought to Fires to Downgrade Risk

New South Wales Faces Long-Term Credit Risks as Natural Infrastructure is Threatened


20200310 Dairy 1

Cattle are More than just Beef

Despite accounting for less than 9% of global agriculture’s market value in 2016 – compared to 22% for the meat industry, dairy is an important sector in both developed and emerging markets’ economies. 2016 estimates from the FAO suggest that a quarter of all farms worldwide keep at least one milking animal, which might include cows, goats, buffalo and/or sheep with dairy-related employment from farm to fork in the hundreds of millions.