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Planet Tracker’s focus is on global industry sectors defined by significant investment flows and revenues in the context of the planetary boundaries that are most threatened. This includes regional and global industry sectors such as agri-business, plastics and textiles.

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Oceans and the sustainability of our seafood supply is an important focus for the Sustainable Development Goals (particularly SDG 14: Life Below Water) and for ensuring the ongoing viability of our food systems and societal infrastructure world-wide. Wild-catch fish and aquaculture produce, defined jointly as seafood, represent one of the world’s most valuable globally traded food commodities according to the FAO.
Food Land Use V3

Food & Land use

Food & Land Use is a thought leadership programme which examines the relationship between food and agriculture companies, environmental risks and financial return, thereby exploring the materiality of embedded nature. Our aim is to align capital markets with the sustainable management of agriculture resources.
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Planet Tracker is launching a new programme of research which focuses on how capital markets are failing to price longer term environmental issues related to plastic packaging supply chains & fast-fashion textiles.
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