The Global Challenge

The Need for Change


Critical ecosystems

are dangerously close to collapse

Financial markets

are failing to translate the true value of nature into valuation models

Urgent need

for rapid integration of natural capital valuations into financial risk management in capital markets

Time is Running Out

  • The degradation (if not outright collapse) of many ecological resources will happen within most financial professionals’ lifetimes.
  • Planet Tracker creates reports and analyses to raise awareness of ‘values-at-risk’ to the financial community.
One Column Content

Big Bets & Ecotastrophes

  • Planet Tracker’s initial focus is on the ‘Big Bets’, global industry sectors defined by significant investment flows and revenues in the context of the planetary boundaries that are most threatened.
  • This assessment identifies key areas of highest return for Planet Tracker’s work and would include regional and global industry sectors such as agri-business, plastics and textiles.
  • We are also examining ‘Ecotastrophe’ scenarios, areas where, though financial flows may be relatively small, the ecological resource risks are large.
  • Planet Tracker has a ‘duty of care’ to address these potential ecological resource fault lines, irrespective of their immediate financial significance.
  • Planet Tracker focuses on a subset of supply chains and issues including for example land use and food system topics such as soft commodities (beef, soybeans), wild-catch fisheries and aquaculture. Our research focuses on how changes in ecosystem values – such as soil degradation, deforestation and variability in extreme weather – impact real versus projected returns on equity and sovereign investments related to these industries.