TitleTypeRelease DateProgrammeDescription
No Rain on the PlainBriefing Paper2021 20 SeptemberFood & Land UseDeforestation-driven climate change set to threaten Brazil’s position as leading agricultural producer
Will Brazil’s Raízen IPO favour climate change over food systems – will the markets ignore the root issues? Blog 2021 07 JulyCross Programme Will Brazil’s Raízen IPO favour climate change over food systems?
Brazil - Four Steps to Sustainable Sovereign Bonds Briefing Paper2021 07 JulySovereign BondsThis report sets out the priority actions that investors can take to promote Brazil’s sovereign health.
A Deforestation-Linked Sovereign Bond Briefing Paper 2021 07 July Sovereign BondsBrazil provides a case study for a new variety of sustainability-linked sovereign bond.
At the Vanguard of a Sustainability-Driven Disruption Blog 2021 07 JulyCross ProgrammeVanguard has just announced its first acquisition since its founding in 1975 with a definitive agreement to acquire Just Invest.
Brazil: Roadmap to Sustainable Sovereign BondsReport 2021 07 July Sovereign BondsNew report calls on Brazil to issue a Deforestation-Linked Sovereign Bond to help fund a green recovery.
Green Debt Swaps Briefing Paper 2021 07 July Cross Programme An assessment of the state of green debt swaps and similar instruments.
PollockonomicsReport2021 07 JulyOceans / Seafood An investigation into the world’s largest source of palatable wild fish (walleye pollock) and its fragile value chain.
Time to move beyond Climate LensingBlog2021 06 JuneCross ProgrammeAt long last the climate agenda is coming together with the nature and biodiversity agenda.
Beached, not StrandedBlog2021 06 JuneOceans / SeafoodBeaching old fishing vessels is a reality, which destroys ecosystems and costs human lives.
Indexing: Prepare for Sustainability-Driven Disruption Report2021 05 May Cross Programme PapersIndex ‘Majors’ have dominated. Now they should prepare for disruption.
Threadbare DataReport 2021 05 May Materials / Textiles Poor environmental disclosure at a crucial and highly exposed stage of the textiles supply chain is impairing ESG investment in the sector.
Second-hand IPOs - The Slow Down of Fast FashionBlog2021 04 AprilMaterials / TextilesSecond-hand fashion is having a moment in the Western economies.
Japanese Corporate Governance Code Revision: A missed Opportunity for BiodiversityBlog2021 04 AprilOceans / SeafoodA proposed revision of the Japanese Corporate Governance Code should include biodiversity.
Bonding with ObserversBriefing Paper2021 04 AprilOceans / SeafoodFisheries observers are precious, rare and endangered.
International Sustainable Finance ReduxBlog2021 04 April Cross Programme Sustainable Finance negotiations at a multilateral level are restarting.
Unwrapping Investor Risk in the Global Plastic Containers and Packaging SectorReport2021 03 March Materials / PlasticsAn analysis of the Plastic Containers and Packaging sector: the companies, their investors and the financial risks they face.
Against the TideReport 2021 03 MarchOceans / SeafoodAn in-depth analysis of the Japanese seafood value chain
BlackRock Starts to Walk the TalkBlog2021 03 MarchLand UseBlackRock has made a meaningful and public move on natural capital engagement.
Online Retail Investors: Can't see the wood for the trees!Report2021 03 MarchLand UseA review of 22 investment websites found that not one provided retail investors with the means of excluding deforestation risk from their search.
Ethical debt is the new bespoke fashionBlog2021 03 MarchTextilesSustainability Linked Bonds (SLBs) are a positive innovation for the financial markets and for the planet.
Tackling Overfishing: Preventing Yellowfin Collapse in the Indian OceanAnalysis Report2021 02 February Oceans / SeafoodThis report investigates high-level financial implications of yellowfin collapse in the Indian Ocean
Back to SchoolBlog2020 12 December Oceans / SeafoodCan the EU Learn from Others on Fishing Subsidies?
Exchange Traded DeforestationReport2020 12 DecemberFood and Land UseWhile some mutual funds are committing to address deforestation risk, the ETF universe is a different story.
Will Fashion Dye Another Day?Report2020 12 DecemberMaterials / TextilesA focus on the financial risks arising from the extensive use and misuse of water in the wet processing stage of clothing production.
Stormy OutlookReport2020 11 NovemberMaterials / PlasticsOvercapacity and climate risk are increasing stranded asset risk in the U.S. Plastics Production Corridor.
Bonds for PondsReport 2020 11 November Oceans / SeafoodBonds for Ponds presents a case for financing an industry transition, using green bonds to scale innovative feeds.
Falling Dominoes: USD 10 billion U.S. Formosa plastics facility licence suspendedBlog2020 11 NovemberMaterialsAre large plastics production facilities under construction along the Gulf of Mexico falling like dominoes?
Cod-astrophe: Unsustainable UK Cod Exports Face Demand-side Squeeze Blog2020 10 OctoberOceans / SeafoodWhy does the UK catch local cod only to export it and then re-import the same species from other countries such as Iceland and China?
Traceable ReturnsReport2020 10 OctoberOceans / SeafoodA new report reveals how traceability could align sustainability with profitability issues in the sector.
Traceability could double the ebit margin of seafood processors while reducing investor risk, says Planet TrackerBlog2020 10 OctoberOceans / SeafoodFinancial think tank finds that – despite significant sustainability and profitability benefits – only one large seafood processor has pledged to implement globally-recognised traceability standards.
California Leapfrogs EU with First State-Wide Recycled Plastic Bottle Mandate in the U.S.Blog2020 09 SeptemberMaterialsCalifornia has just leapt ahead of the EU in the plastic bottling recycling innovation race with some of the most stringent recycling requirements globally.
Time to Rock the BoatBlog2020 09 SeptemberOceans / SeafoodEU Must Enforce Rules to Bring Transparency and Sustainability to the Fishing Industry
Finance & Biodiversity – Time to focus on the Trillions already in playBlog2020 09 SeptemberFood and Land UseThe natural foundations for human prosperity are being undermined at an alarming rate, yet according to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) the financial solutions currently on the table will be insufficient to halt or reverse the decline.
Work-From-Home Fashion Fuels Water-Related RisksBlog2020 09 SeptemberTextilesStrong growth in athleisure sales amidst a COVID-19 driven online acceleration has been a rare bright spot in a challenging operating environment for the apparel industry.
Seafood Supply – What a WasteBlog2020 09 SeptemberOceans / SeafoodSeafood, the most traded food globally, is operating with a broken supply chain.
Hall of FlameBlog2020 08 August Food and Land UseArgentina’s debt restructuring negotiators advised to factor escalating drought and wildfire costs
Blue bonds could finance a fish stock recovery, says Planet TrackerNews2020 08 AugustOceans / SeafoodWith wild-catch fishery production set to decline, favourable debt financing vehicles may be the incentive necessary to ensure long-term replenishment of global fish stocks.
Can Blue Bonds Finance a fish stock recovery?Report2020 08 AugustOceans / SeafoodA proposal to create a blue bond to facilitate a recovery in fish stocks.
EU Recovery Plan’s “Bottle Deposit Law” Plastic Waste Levy Begins in January 2021, but Recycling Infrastructure Insufficient.Blog2020 08 August--Deep inside the EU’s seven-year budget and recovery plan, which was approved on Friday 24 July, is a plastics’ waste levy of €800/tonne that comes into force in January 2021, despite the fact that insufficient recycling infrastructure exists throughout the EU.
Subsidies, Distant-water fleets and the Galápagos (SDG)Blog2020 07 July--China’s distant water fleets dependant on subsidy for profitability; SDG investors need to take note.
Ending deforestation: what next for sovereign investors?Blog2020 07 July--Alexandra Pinzon, Nick Robins and Gabriel Thoumi explore how investors in sovereign bonds can take action to confront the risks of deforestation.
John Willis joins Planet Tracker as Director of ResearchNews2020 07 July--Planet Tracker is delighted to announce the immediate appointment of John Willis as Director of Research, to help meet a constantly expanding programme.
Top AgriFunds are generally not reporting key nature-related risks to investors, says Planet TrackerNews2020 06 June Food and Land UseFinancial think tank’s latest report urges investors in the US$3.34 trillion agriculture sector to use industry guidelines to align their capital with sustainable food and agriculture systems.
Growing for ProfitReport2020 06 June Food and Land UseFood and Agriculture Equity Funds can Improve their Investment Performance by Aligning with Sustainable Food Systems.
Environmental Finance Award WinNews2020 06 June--We are delighted to announce that our ground-breaking report, The Sovereign Transition to Sustainability: Understanding the Dependence of Sovereign Debt on Nature, exploring the dependence of a country’s sovereign debt on the management of its stocks of natural resources (known as “natural capital”) has been named “ESG Innovation of the Year (Research)”, by Environmental Finance in its 2020 Sustainable Investment Awards.
Business can Benefit from New EU Food and Agriculture StrategiesBlog2020 06 June Food and Land UseLast month, the EU Commmission launched two groundbreaking strategies – Farm-to-Fork and EU Biodiviersity – both intended to decrease the natural capital footprint of the EU’s food and agriculture system.
IUU Fishing: Taking a Bite out of the Global Fishing MarketBlog2020 06 JuneOceans / Seafood--
Building Back Better: a Marshall Plan for Natural Capital: Reversing the decline in Sub-Saharan African GDP in Nature-Based Tourism Sector from COVID-19Analyst Note2020 06 June Food and Land UseToday, a global plan to support Sub-Saharan African (SSA) economies to increase social, economic and environmental resilience is needed, in light of the systemic shocks that we already know await us through climate impacts and now COVID-19 and its detrimental impacts on conservation funding.
Loch-ed Profits: Forecast farmed salmon industry growth not converting to stable profit marginsReport2020 05 MayOceans / SeafoodOur latest Tracker Report, Loch-ed Profits, shows that while salmon production is fast approaching the practical physical limits permitted by current coastal farming methods, the industry is still some way from moving to more sustainable and cost-effective methods at scale.
Investors face financial risk as salmon industry approaches ecological brink, says Planet TrackerNews2020 05 MayOceans / SeafoodSubstantial investment in sustainable farming technology needed to mitigate environmental risks faced by US$18 billion farmed Atlantic salmon industry.
Financial Accounting in the Agriculture SectorAnalyst Note2020 05 May Food and Land UseFrom Natural Capital to Accounting to Valuation – Commentary on IAS 41: Agriculture.
Misreporting evidence on fair value of biological assets in agricultural sector, reveals latest Planet Tracker reportNews2020 05 May Food and Land Use--
South Africa: A Call for Green RecoveryBlog2020 05 MaySovereign Bonds--
The Emperor Has No Clothes: Toxic Textiles in Today’s AgeBlog2020 04 AprilTextiles--
Investors at risk as top European food retailers fail to disclose food waste-based Scope 3 emissions, says Planet TrackerNews2020 04 April Food and Land Use--
Scope for Improvement: Accounting for food loss and waste in Scope 3 reportingBriefing Paper2020 04 April Food and Land UseReported Scope 3 emissions by 12 publicly listed European food retailers account for 44% of total emissions in the European food retail sector in 2018.
Rebuilding Global Nature-based Tourism will Protect Fragile Environments and EconomiesBlog2020 04 AprilSovereign Bonds--
India: Green Assurances can Reassure Investors as Water Pressures RiseBlog2020 04 AprilSovereign Bonds--
Road to Resilience: Greening Agricultural SubsidiesBlog2020 03 MarchSovereign Bonds--
Volatile Markets Require Transparent Analysis of Natural Capital RisksBlog2020 03 March Food and Land Use-
From Drought to Fires to Downgrade RiskAnalyst Note2020 03 MarchFood and Land UseNew South Wales Faces Long-Term Credit Risks as Natural Infrastructure is Threatened
Cattle are More than just BeefAnalyst Note2020 03 MarchFood and Land UseDespite accounting for less than 9% of global agriculture’s market value in 2016 – compared to 22% for the meat industry, dairy is an important sector in both developed and emerging markets’ economies.
EU takes First Steps towards Sustainable and Responsible Supply ChainsBlog2020 03 March Food and Land Use--
The EU’s Sustainable Finance Action Plan is an Opportunity for EU plcBlog2020 02 FebruarySovereign Bonds--
Paper or plastic – or Paper and Plastic?Blog2020 02 FebruaryPlastics--
The Sovereign Transition to SustainabilityReport2020 02 FebruarySovereign Bonds Understanding the dependence of sovereign debt on nature
Shell ShockBriefing Paper2020 01 JanuaryOceans / SeafoodMangrove deforestation threat to farmed Shrimp Investments
Countries must protect their natural capital or face increased sovereign credit riskNews2020 02 FebruarySovereign BondsCountries must protect their natural capital or face increased sovereign credit risk, say London School of Economics and Planet Tracker
U.S. decision to eliminate groundwater protection will hurt equitiesBlog2020 02 February Food and Land UsePredatory Delay Today, Inevitable Policy Response Tomorrow: U.S. decision to eliminate groundwater protection will hurt equities, says investor coalition
Paper or plastic – or Paper and Plastic?Blog2020 02 FebruaryPlastics--
The EU’s Sustainable Finance Action Plan is an Opportunity for EU plcBlog2020 02 February Food and Land Use--
At Davos, scarves were the new ‘must-have’ for investors, but will the gloves come off to protect the planet?Blog2020 01 January Food and Land Use--
Australia’s Fires Show the World It Needs a Fire ExtinguisherBlog2020 01 JanuarySovereign Bonds--
Planet Tracker’s New Year’s Resolutions: Address Food and Agriculture EmissionsBlog2020 01 January Food and Land Use--
Lack of transparency threatens farmed shrimp investments, says new Planet Tracker reportNews2020 01 JanuaryOceans / Seafood--
COP25? A COP OUT in 2019!Blog2019 12 December Food and Land Use--
When is a fact not a fact? Don’t ask the US Regulator!Blog2019 12 DecemberSovereign Bonds--
Why the fate of the Amazon is a growing issue for investors in sovereign bondsBlog2019 12 DecemberSovereign Bonds--
Time to give the planet a seat at the top table?Blog2019 12 DecemberSovereign Bonds--
Saudi Aramco: IPO threatens to aggravate world plastics’ overloadBlog2019 11 NovemberPlastics--
Salmon Feels The HeatBriefing Paper2019 11 NovemberOceans / SeafoodCapital at risk for investor Concentration in the Salmon Aquaculture Industry
Japan’s Revised Fisheries ActBlog2019 11 NovemberOceans / Seafood--
Climate and Biodiversity: The Eagle or the Ostrich?Blog2019 11 NovemberSovereign Bonds--
Argentina: Sustainable Agriculture, not Deforestation, is the Path to SolvencyBlog2019 11 NovemberSovereign Bonds --
Why the fate of the Amazon is a growing issue for investors in sovereign bondsNews Brief2019 11 NovemberSovereign Bonds Investors have recently added their voice to the chorus of concern about the fires in the Amazon.
Sovereign BondsDiscussion Document2019 09 SeptemberSovereign Bonds Sovereign bonds are one of the largest capital market asset classes
Sustainable fishing in JapanNews2019 09 SeptemberOceans / SeafoodSustainable fishing can reverse decline of Japan’s seafood industry, maximise profits and reduce financial and reputational risk for investors
Perfect StormReport2019 09 SeptemberOceans / SeafoodProfits are at risk in the Japanese Seafood Industry
The Case of BrazilDiscussion Document2019 07 JulySovereign Bonds Brazil’s governance strength in managing the country’s exposure, sensitivity and adaptation
The Case of ArgentinaDiscussion Document2019 07 JulySovereign Bonds Argentina’s governance strength in managing the country’s exposure, sensitivity and adaptation