Can Virtual Fashion Solve the Apparel Industry’s Dirty Problem?

Proponents of digital fashion suggest that it offers one potential answer to how to move the fashion industry to a more sustainable footing. This blog considers what digital fashion means and why we do not expect it to reduce the need for the industry to make significant structural changes if it is to move to a sustainable footing.

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Food System Decoupling?

Food supply chains are coming under heavy stress due to the conflict in Ukraine building on an already high inflation environment. This has pushed food security to the top of national agendas, alongside energy. This blog explores whether this will result in a food supply chain decoupling and a shift towards shorter supply chains and ‘friendly’ jurisdictions (‘friend-shoring’).

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Investors’ toxic footprints revealed

Everyday products – from plastics and synthetic rubber to detergents and dyes – hide a dangerous secret: their production results in the release of pollutants that are highly toxic and impact on human health, including arsenic and asbestos. This is a reality often overlooked by investors as Planet Tracker’s latest report, Toxic Footprints, reveals.

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